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Fresh Engineers Training Programme (FET)
Every year our Staff visits educational Institutions of repute in Libya and interviews fresh graduates to be selected for a carefully devised training programme. These fresh graduates are prepared to become responsible professionals in their respective fields.

In 2007, the following three institutions were contacted and 20 fresh engineers were employed. MAKCO has extensive experience and expertise in dam, irrigation, canal, development and distribution projects.

  1 Alfatah University, Tripoli
  2 Gayounis University, Benghazi
  3 Institute of Higher Diploma, Tripoli.

In 2008, two new fresh graduates in Information Technology and Administration are employed and are going through their On the Job Training according to the FET Programme.

Brief Details of FET programme
1 Every year our Human Resources and Technical Support Services Departments contact various educational institutions for student nominations from the Vice Chancellors and Heads of Departments.
2 All these nominated students are asked to fill basic information forms and submit aliongwith their testimonials.
3 Candidates are interviewed by a panel of Makco Staff and selected candidates are asked to join various departments according to their qualifications. Selected candidates work under the direct supervision of their respective heads of Departments.
4 A CD with the following information is provided to the selected employees
  a An Introduction to the Company
  b Employees Handbook
  c Orientation programme checklist
  d Training programme checklist
  e Related Company policies/ Documents/ Templates
5 A 3-7 day orientation programme starts. Employees maintain the checklist given to them to complete their orientation programmes. The orientation has three levels as given below
  a General orientation by Training Department
  b Departmental orientation by Departmental heads
  c Workplace orientation by Reporting officers
6 After successful completion of orientation programme, a 3-month training programme starts. The training modules are carefully devised for the employees professional and departmental requirements, so that the programme provides practical insight into the employees profession in addition to normal practices in offices, official correspondence and work ethics.
7 After successful completion of training programme, an evaluation committee decides if more training is required or if the employee is fit to undertake independent tasks.
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