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Engineering Graduate Placement Program
MAKCO’s Graduate Placement Program provides a wealth of challenging career opportunities to fresh graduates from recognized and reputable institutions for our ongoing projects in Libya. Keeping your personal development as our number one priority, we have designed an on-the-job training program for students who have strong analytical and communication skills and possess an outstanding academic background.

All candidates upon selection are deputized with our senior engineers according to their faculties. In this way the candidates receive expert guidance and mentoring during their work which aims to enhance their existing knowledge, concepts and principles of various engineering disciplines. During the carefully designed and implemented training program the candidates are encouraged to learn, conceptualize, innovate and exercise under guidance, enabling them to make informed, intelligent and independent decisions in the long run.

Eligibility for Application
  1. Engineering Graduate from a recognized institution
  2. Minimum of 70% average score during studies
  3. Academic transcripts of a minimum 3 year undergraduate degree in Civil, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.

Final selection depends upon the candidates’ performance during interview as well as a written assessment aimed at testing basic engineering concepts and practices.

Career Path
Grounded in its ideology to recruit, train and retain the most promising young employees, Makco provides a steady career path and consistent growth to its young professionals. With an annual increase of 20% in the salary, the Trainee Engineers not only receive a consistently rising pay package but are also introduced to an increasing level of responsibility and decision making roles by their fourth year with the company.

Trainee Engineer1st Year700 USD
Assistant Engineer2nd Year1000 USD
Junior Engineer3rd Year1450 USD
Engineer4th Year1800 USD
Senior Engineer5th Year2200 USD

The aim is to encourage the young and ambitious engineering practitioners to learn from intellectually stimulating and competitive multi ethnic environment of the company and critically analyze and present their thoughts and opinions so as to develop over time, a groomed perspective and adequate practical know how and experience to explore opportunities in their own area of interest, be it Supervision, Planning or Management. In order to apply, email your resume and academic transcripts to , alternatively you may also upload your resume online.

Note: Only shortlisted candidates are contacted regarding the status of their application.
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