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On behalf of MAKCO management & staff, I warmly welcome you and take this opportunity to brief you on our company's success story of the more than 30 years where each year of this period can be described as a remarkable progressional leap. 


The reason behind our success was the confidence of our clients, investors and our staff. We have been lucky with the growing wealth of sincere and diligent assets of our staff that always achieved goals and targets set jointly by the staff and management. 


Track record of repeated contract awards from the same clients is proof of confidence in us by our clients. Company's growth in terms of turnover, number of staff and assets have been always in two or three digits per annum. Our goals for this year include further ethnic diversification of staff, improvement in our training & orientation facilities and strengthen our relations with our existing clients by improving the quality of our services.


With the recent opening of business opportunities in Libya, we foresee great opportunities coming our way where our growth is expected to rise substantially. We thank you for your interest in our company.


Ijaz Rashid