MAKCO's advantage lies in the integration of internal teams in all disciplines from civil through to electro-mechanical services, each with experienced engineers and a veteran labour force. 


MAKCO achievements embody the cross-cultural experience and nature of the people performing design and providing various professional services. This has formulated the innovative component in the company, thus participating in its continued growth and also, contributes to the prosperity of the communities we operate in.

Environmental Responsibility:

We believe that the environmental and social aspects of our lives are interconnected and shall be dealt with responsibly if we want to achieve sustainability. 


A part of our effort to conserve the environment starts from our offices. All our offices and camps at remotest of desert locations are equipped with advanced communication systems and satellite networks. All communication, progress reporting and transfer of documents are done using paperless methods.

Fresh Engineers Training Programme (FET):

Every year our Managers visit educational Institutions of repute in Libya and interview fresh graduates to be selected for a carefully devised training programme. These fresh graduates are prepared to become responsible professionals in their respective fields. 


In 2007 the following three institutions were contacted and 20 fresh engineers were employed. 


  1. Alfatah University Tripoli.
  2. Gayounis University, Benghazi.
  3. Institute of Higher Diploma, Tripoli 
In 2008, two fresh graduates in Information Technology and Administration are employed and are going through their On the Job Training according to the FET Programme.


Educational Assistance/ Scholarships/ Construction:

Makco coordinates with various charity organizations to provide support for acquiring education to children in various countries. 


Last year an assistance programme was launched through SH Trust UK to provide construction funding for schools in Pakistan and scholarships to deserving students. 


SH Trust organized the selection and construction of the school in Pakistan, whereas MAKCO provided for the construction costs and later to set up a scholarships fund for 5 deserving students per year. 


A similar funding programme was initiated by Makco last year at Azme-Nau School where a new building was constructed and handed over to the School Administration.