Design Consultancy Services for Housing Development Project:


Urban design, residential buildings design, public buildings design and infrastructure design of a housing development project comprising of 2000 living units and associated facilities.

  1. Invitation to Bid
  2. Location/ Coordinates/ Topography
  3. Drafting Standards
  4. Urban design Guidelines
  5. Regional Urban Plan
  6. Closing date: 13 June 2008

Subcontract for Precast Concrete Construction:


Subcontract/ Partnership for building 125 Four storey building structures with precast concrete construction.

  1. Invitation to Bid
  2. Closing date: 10 July 2008

Supply of Concrete Batching Plant:


Supply of Concrete Batching Plant with a capacity of 40-60 cum/ hr.

Supply of Two Concrete Lift Pumps:


Supply of Two concrete lift pumps.